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Meet Lee Christman - The Yes Man

What's the status on the snow? How powerful can you make the wind? Is the kite finished? Can you make a sleigh? How do I turn on the fireplace?

Lee Christman, Set design and prop master A Gift for All Ages Film
Lee Christman, Set design and prop master extraordinaire

Some rather unique questions heard coming from the A Gift For All Ages soundstage, but the always confident answers came from one man - Lee Christman, set designer and prop master.

A working artist from Arkansas, Lee started his set design and prop making career building haunted houses. This niche led to other opportunities in the film industry. Before coming to Borrego Springs to be a part of our Christmas film, Lee worked on three features, a short film, as well as a few music shows.

In addition to all his talents behind the camera, Lee has also acted as an extra in productions, at times doing his own stunts. Maybe you’ll even see his cameo in our film.

Is this one of the most talented people around? Our answer is Yes!

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