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Meet Dylan Wright - Henry "A Gift For All Ages"

How did you get into acting?

My brothers and I found my dad's tape recorder in the garage one year when we were about twelve years old, and when we learned that you could tape over an existing film, that space was limited, it became a special opportunity to create something. Ever since then, we all sort of found our own distinct artistic paths, my twin with writing, my younger brother with filmmaking, and me with acting.

Dylan Wright as Henry in the new Christmas classic movie, A Gift For All Ages

What do you like about the profession?

What I love about acting is that it makes an otherwise selfish person like me un-selfish. I love that it isn't about one person; it takes a community to create something beautiful. Acting reminds me to slow down, to connect, and to serve others in the most meaningful ways I can. It is about listening, and responding, and in the case of "A Gift for All Ages", having immense fun in the process.

What was your favorite detail about the character Henry?

His enthusiasm and zest for life.

Do you share any similarities with Henry? If yes, what are they?

While in reality I am a much grumpier person in real life, I do occasionally have moments where I feel the ecstasy of life that Henry feels. :)

What are your upcoming projects?

My upcoming projects include a screenplay I am co-writing with my brother about religious trauma and the importance of navigating it together, as well as continued background work to obtain my third and final SAG voucher so that I can join the union, as well as an independent feature film that I am waiting hear back from. Fingers crossed.

Anything else you would like people to know about you?

I have absolutely loved working on this project. I normally am not drawn to, or cast really, in roles like Henry, but I am so glad I got the chance to breathe some magic into him.

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