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Can I Get Some Room Tone? Meet Mike Towe

Have you met our handsome audio engineer?

He's actually a pretty sound guy.

Our audio operator, Mike Towe, brought it all to the set of A Gift For All Ages; professionalism, humor, knowledge, creativity, and most importantly great sound. Rarely seen, but always heard, Mike and his mic, were there to capture the words, effects and room tone when needed. As you watch this new Christmas class film, listen to his work, but shhhhh, quiet on the set.

Mike Towe, A Pretty Sound Guy

How did you get into production? I got into production through a love of it. I taught myself all aspects of production and then spent 10 years in corporate productions as a member of the in-house production team at Qualcomm Inc. After that I went out on my own with my own production company, M2 Video Productions Inc. The company has been around for 18 years nw and we working anything from corporate production and commercial spots to film and documentary.

What do you like about the profession?

The ability for collaborate with other creatives. Production, and especially filmmaking is a team sport. And what a group of creatives come together and collaborate well, it elevates the story like nothing else can.

Capturing the wild quill writing of Joey Heyworth, Clarke

What are your upcoming projects?

Currently on the books are a recruiting video for Home of Guiding Hands which is a non-profit that works with intellectually and developmentally disabled adults and children. We will also soon be flying to Utah to film a training video for Helix Electric. And lastly we will be working video advertising for Broadway San Diego to promote the broadway plays that will be coming to town.

Where can you learn more about you?

You can learn more about me and my company at

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