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A Soundstage That Looks Like a Million

Setting out to do my very first movie, my initial consideration was budget. Fifty years after my service in Vietnam, the government elected to reward my service with some back pay to do things I've always wanted to do. One of those things was to make a movie, THIS Movie!

Executive Producer, Russell Webb in the Army
Executive Producer, Russell Webb

That's how A Gift For All Ages was born.

But even with the funds from the military, I'd have to be careful with the spending.

Fortunately, as a set builder for most of my career, the idea of building a $15,000.00 set for $2500.00 or less was not a new concept for me. With the help of the Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center, for whom I built reusable walls some years ago, I was able to turn an empty conference room at the Borrego Springs Resort and Spa into an 1823 parlor in the home of Clarke and Catherine Moore. Most of the cost of our set went to furniture, paint, set dressings and additional labor to help construct our unique soundstage in the middle of the desert.

It took months of thrift store treasure hunting to find the perfect pieces that would reflect the time period, and sensibilities of our characters. From writing desks to wall art, attention to detail, and the pocket book was important.

The soundstage was constructed in 5 days. It became a home to cast and crew for an addition five days of shooting.

As we lead up to the Christmas Eve sneak preview of the film, we hope that you will see a $2500.00 set that looks like a million!

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