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"A Gift For All Ages" Becomes Movie History

What does A Gift For All Ages film have in common with movies like Last Days In the Desert, Into the Wild, Scorpion King, Bugsy, and Damnation Alley?

Borrego Springs, California!

Borrego Springs and the Anza Borrego Desert have caught the eye of many film makers over the years. As far back as 1920, Nell Shipman (1893-1970), filmed the first commercial film using our Badlands in the eastern part of the Borrego Valley and the mountains east of the Borrego Valley. It was called Something New (1920).

Since those early beginnings, the major studios have come to make many iconic war, drama, romantic and comedic films. The television studios came to do many episodes of their series like X-Files (2000, 2002) who came and stayed many weeks filming their iconic stories. From Earth To The Moon (1998) filmed their only episode outside of Florida of their Emmy Winning series, here in the Borrego area.

Fred Jee, "A Gift For All Ages" Film
Co-Executive Producer Fred Jee, is Borrego Springs Movie Historian, and Chairman of the Borrego Springs Film Festival

Even silent era films like Beggers of Life (1928) with Wallace Beery and Louise Brooks on the Carrizo Railroad line. Comedy teams like Wheeler & Wooster who filmed The Rainmakers (1935) using scenes of the Carrizo Railroad in their chase sequences.

Only one western was filmed here, Cataract Gold (2017) filmed near Salton City east of the Borrego Valley, the Palm Canyon Resort located in Borrego Springs and outside scenes from Green River Utah.

Independent film makers have been using our locations for their short films for years. They have been submitted for competition in the Borrego Springs Film Festival over the last 8 years.

A Gift For All Ages film brings the total number of productions in Borrego to one hundred and eleven!

Overall, filming movies, television, independent films have been, and continues to be, a viable part of the artistic environment that is Borrego Springs and its environs.

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