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50 Years in the Making - "A Gift For All Ages" Becomes a Reality

Most of the people I know in various entertainment industries are there because they like to tell stories. If we are fortunate, talented, and lucky enough, we can do it for a living, and develop it into a career.

In Junior High School I discovered I had a certain knack for storytelling, and decided on that as my future focus.

Vietnam was a terrible time. A lot of us coming back lost direction and purpose. Fortunately, I had decided my path early, and college helped me to learn the skills necessary to tell stories well. That gave me my purpose.

Russell Webb, Executive Producer, "A Gift For All Ages" film

Watching movies from the Golden Era is where my motivation for storytelling began, but family and finances kept me on and backstage.

After fifty years, the government elected to reward me for my service with enough back pay to do some things I've always wanted to do. Build my own shop, landscape my backyard, MAKE A MOVIE!

Many of the actors I know work very hard on other people's stories, until they can afford to do their own. A Gift For All Ages gave me the opportunity to tell a story, not just about Christmas, but the deeper meaning of the gifts of sharing, helping, unconditional love.

And the VA gave me funding.

Russell Webb, Executive Producer, "A Gift For All Ages"
Once a storyteller, always a storyteller!

With the gifts of knowledge and collaboration from cinematographer Matt, co-director Alicia, associate producer Fred, and a whole lot of others, my dream of telling an important story is coming true, and I invite you to come along for the journey. Subscribe to our page.

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