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24 Hours Until the Unwrapping of "A Gift For All Ages" Film

Watch A Gift For All Ages tomorrow! We're sharing our work-in-progress for all donors! You can't unwrap the whole "Gift" before our final edit is done, but you'll definitely get to shake the box.

This preview will be a special exclusive look at the entire movie as it moves through the post-production phase.

Donors get to see all the excitement, joy, and love of A Gift For All Ages before we get it complete and put a final bow on it.

See first hand how your financial help is making this Christmas dream come true. Such anticipation! Join us for this unique and wonderful opportunity!

In the meantime, enjoy a preview of our preview:

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1 Comment

Borrego Springs Film Festival
Borrego Springs Film Festival
Dec 23, 2021

Looking forward to the preview and the screening of the film at the 9th annual BSFF

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