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Stage to Screen - Meet Kathleen Maule Holen

Kathleen Maule Holen

To have a successful film, you first need a successful idea. A Gift For All Ages wouldn't exist without the wonderful premise created by Kathleen Maule Holen and her original stage play.

And, much like what Golden Era Hollywood film productions used to do, our movie is also an adaptation from the stage to the screen. It's one of the reason why A Gift For All Ages is set in that old-Hollywood style of filmmaking. It's a direct homage to the stage-to-screen process that was so popular during Hollywood’s heyday.

Regardless of the era, the trick of moving a story from the stage and into the movies is always difficult, but when you're working from fun material to begin with, it becomes a rewarding creative challenge.

The main characters in A Gift For All Ages are extensively re-written and adapted to take advantage of, as well as conform, to the realities of cinema. Still, the original charm of the premise remains as the soul of the film. And, while many things changed during the process of the screen writing, many lines from the stage-play-script still exists in the screen-play-script!

In fact, the most important line from the play remains the most important lines of the movie.

What is that line?

Well, you'll just have to catch a screening of our film to find out!


How did you get into writing?

Writing has been an extension of my passion for storytelling. As a child, my Canadian grandmother would gather the cousins together and begin telling a story. She would then call on one of us to continue until we all had a chance to contribute. She would then conclude the story we had created together. I have always loved words, reading, talking and writing them. I write professionally both as a nurse and an archaeologist but in 2015 a miracle happened. I became involved in Community Theatre. I wrote my first play for Southern Hills Community Theatre in South Dakota. They were gracious enough to perform A Mammoth in Harmes Way and as soon as I heard the audience laugh, I was hooked.

What do you like about it?

Putting words on the page is fun for me. I love to make the characters talk to each other. But the script is only part of the fun. Seeing my words come to life on stage has been the biggest thrill of my life.

Where can we learn more about you on-line?

If you Google Kathleen Maule Holen you can learn more about me than you ever wanted to know. The 2018 obituary is not me, however. I have created a Facebook page to promote performances of my plays and those of my friends. Search Facebook for Kat & Mole Scripts and follow along.

Anything else you would like people to know about you?

I love fun and funny. My plan is to write until good stories no longer come to my mind. As I reflect on those I have already written, I find a common theme.

My plays tend to bring people together in one way or another. I hope the heart of my writing shines through the funny stories I love to tell.

Want to watch A Gift For All Ages on Christmas Eve. Donors will be able to watch a special preview on December 24th.

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