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Meet Teddy - A Pawsome Actor

Actor, rescue dog and deaf dog advocate Teddy

Follow the path of white hair and cookie crumbs to one of two places on set; the food table, or a soft bed by the fireplace. That's where you will find Teddyz Talez, the smiling, lovable, shedding, always hungry, cast member of our film.

Yummy biscuits and cozy naps were not always the norm for Teddy. In the summer of 2018 he sat in a South Carolina kill shelter suffering from severe ear inflections, He had only 12 hours to live. To save his life, money would need to be raised overnight to guarantee him a life-saving ear surgery.

Teddyz shelter photo was circulated on-line by Animals R Family and Flying Fur Animal Rescue, who raised the money. Teddy was flown to New York by Paul Steklenski, of Flying Fur Animal Rescue.

His operation was a success, but left him totally deaf.

Teddy recovered and was adopted 6 months later. His story is part of the award winning animal rescue documentary

In between acting gigs and searching for cookies, Teddy is a certified therapy dog. His goal is to create awareness and education about deaf dogs, rescue and adoption.

And bring cookies.

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11 déc. 2021

when can we buy tickets

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