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Be Our Holiday Angel! Help Finish “A Gift For All Ages”

We are asking for your help. Seventy five percent of "A Gift For All Ages" has already been paid for through self financing. We need an additional 25% to complete it. Our "Angel" donors will have access to a special on-line screening event this Christmas Eve. "Angels" will be the first to see our work in progress.

If you like the idea of a Christmas Story that’s bigger than just Christmas, then be an "Angel" for the film and SHARE our fundraising campaign efforts with friends and family. The more people that hear about it, the more likely it is that it will get funded and completed.

To stay up to date on all the news and development, please sign up for our email list and check out our social media pages: Facebook , Instagram , YouTube

We want to bring this film to life for YOU. We just need that little bit of extra help to make this film a reality. It is after all, A GIFT FOR ALL AGES

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