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The Tools That Shape Us - Emma Croft's Most Memorable Gift

My most memorable Christmas gift was a child-sized tool kit that I received from my parents when I was around 12. I cannot tell you how much I loved that tool kit! It had a mini hammer, saw, hacksaw, screwdrivers, wrenches, clamps, everything I would need for my own DiY projects. It definitely helped shape who I am today as there’s nothing I love more than home DiY projects, putting together furniture and mending/repairing things.

Emma Croft Hair and Makeup Artist for "A Gift For All Ages" film
Emma Croft, a pro with the tools of her craft.

I love how this film keeps you guessing along with our protagonists Clark & Catherine, and the fact that they are based on real historical figures is always an exciting project for someone in my field, because I get to use real reference images of the people, whilst putting my own spin on it. The film being set in the early 1800s, but filmed in the style of a 1940s movie, was such an interesting and nuanced concept to me and unlike anything I’d done before. I found the script incredibly charming and, after watching how everything played out on set, I have no doubt the finished piece will not disappoint.

In watching A Gift For All Ages, I hope people will discover (or rediscover) a love of the traditional Christmas movie and all the warmth and nostalgia that it brings, as well as coming away with a feeling of joy and inspiration by the display of unconditional love, trust and friendship shared between the characters in the film played by our incredible cast Caitlin Duffy, Joey Heyworth, Dylan Wright and Russell Webb.

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