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The Snow Globe Lesson - Caitlin Duffy

My most memorable Christmas gift is actually one I gave. I was quite young, and my dad had mentioned that he’d had a snow globe he’d loved as a kid, but it had broken or gotten lost. So I got him (probably with a lot of help from my mom) a little snow globe and put it in a fun box under the Christmas tree and was SO excited for him to open it. When we woke up Christmas morning, some things that had been under the tree were not there anymore. Turns out my dad had hid some presents to teach us that Christmas is about more than just

Production Still from "A Gift For All Ages" film
Caitlin Duffy with Joey Heyworth in "A Gift For All Ages"

gifts you can hold in your hands, which is absolutely true and a valuable lesson. But then he couldn’t remember where he’d hid all the presents, including the snow globe!!! I was distraught. It turned up eventually. The lesson did stick, though. As hokey as it sounds, I understand now that the best gift these days is time with the people I love.

“I love Christmas! And origin stories!”

That is what drew Caitlin to the script of "A Gift For All Ages".

“I was also very intrigued by the idea of shooting in a Golden Age style - I had never done that before and it was a blast!”

After watching the film, I hope people are reminded to be generous with their love and kindness and understanding!

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