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That Gift That Changes Us- Joey Heyworth

My most memorable Christmas Gift was a unicycle. I annoyed my parents relentlessly because I liked to juggle anything that was close by, and as I describe it, an unrelated symptom of juggling is things happen to break spontaneously while nearby. Correlation does not equal causation Mum & Dad. Still, it was a testament to their love that they continued supporting my strange circus habits.

The wholesomeness and playfulness of A Gift For All Ages story drew me to this film. Most of the work I'm lucky enough to get is steeped in bitter conflict, nasty confrontations, and unlikeable characters. Nothing wrong with that, but it's a big breath of fresh air to work on a story that's overflowing with love. There isn't a character lacking charm and wit in this whole film.

Once the film is released, I hope people will rediscover the joy of the golden age of cinema - long dolly shots, in-depth scene work, and fewer editing distractions. Hopefully it'll inspire people to go back and see some of those golden oldies.

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Peggy Nothelfer
Peggy Nothelfer
Oct 09, 2021

Such heartwarming stories, I am realizing that this cast is made up of unique and adventurous actors, who love trying different things. A GIFT FOR ALL AGES will be a success because of all the fantastic people in and behind the scenes.

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