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Second Unit Crew and the "B Cam"

The actors have gone home, the set has been taken down, and the props have been boxed up. Time for more movie magic, and a behind the scenes look at getting the "pick up shot".

Independent films always make for interesting filming scenarios. A Gift For All Ages is no different when it comes to our second unit.

Director Alicia Wszelaki and Matthew Nothelfer getting a pick up shot for A Gift For All Ages
The crew steps in for the actors to get the pick up shot

On most Hollywood productions "Second Unit" is a smaller team of filmmakers tasked with filming shots separate from the main unit. The second unit will often shoot simultaneously with the other unit or units, allowing the filming stage of production to be completed faster.

Thing is, our first unit is the same as our second unit.

Simultaneous filming wouldn't be possible in our case, never mind that we're doing "Second Unit" shots this week rather than three months ago!

Russell Webb and Matthew Nothelfer BTS of A Gift For All Ages Film
Pick up shots of Poffertjes

Strange as that might be, this is actually a good thing! It allowed us to really integrate with the on-going edit, and visualize the shots we needed to help complete scenes.

Speaking of finishing, a HUGE Thank You to all those that have donated thus far to help us complete the movie.

We still need your help. Please share our campaign with family and friends, and watch the on-line working edit this Christmas Eve! Click here to donate

Here's a sneak peek at our second unit movie making magic...

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