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Presenting "A Gift For All Ages" Movie Poster - Written in Stone

Written In Stone is a phrase perfectly appropriate for prose, but you might be surprised how it relates to Golden Age Hollywood movie posters as well!

From the 1920's on through the 1950's, printing movie posters using old-fashioned stone lithography was part of the process; a crafty harmony with painting and illustration.

Ironically, for an age of black and white films, the posters were typically as far from monochromatic as possible. After all, commercial design is made with the priority of capturing a viewer's attention.

With the strong melodrama of Hollywood as inspiration, the colorful posters presented the wonderful narrative at a glance, enticing viewers into the movie theater.

This invitation was almost irresistible. For our first A Gift For All Ages poster, we emulated the style in homage. Hope you like it!

More movie poster excitement here: Movie Posters of the Golden Era

Are you planning to join us for the special donor on-line working premier of A Gift For All Ages? Help us finish this very special holiday movie.

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