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Following The Masters of "Golden Era" Hollywood

Would you take the advice of one of the greatest living film directors?

When we started planning for our movie we quickly realized the story would work best following tradition. And when talking about tradition in film, focus is going to naturally turn to the “Golden Era” of movies.

Here’s some paraphrased Steven Spielberg insight:

“I say ‘favorite films’ …from the 30’s and 40’s…if people [only] study the [modern films], they’re [just] learning…a copy from the masters.”

The classic movie style: back when folks like Frank Capra, John Ford, David Lean, and Michael Curtiz were showing everybody how it’s done. Our goal was to capture a little of that early movie making magic, and “A Gift For All Ages” is a direct homage in more than a few instances.

Think you’ll be able to recognize those moments in "A Gift For All Ages"? Pay close attention to the content we post, and be sure to take a look at our movie when it’s released! Follow us here online to see the clues.

Rest assured, our deference to the “Golden Era” Hollywood masters is definitely there!

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