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Big, Bold, Exuberant, and Glorious

In our opinion the most enjoyable film music of all time came out of Hollywood from the 1920s to 1950s. Film scoring masters like Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Max Steiner, and Franz Waxman were a few of the geniuses helping to create cinematic history.

The musical styles of this era were influenced by the Jazz movement, classical Romanticism, and novel composing sensibilities. Big, bold, exuberant, and glorious was the goal.

One of the more common storytelling techniques used during the aforementioned classic music era was the "leitmotif." It's a fun practice wherein specific instruments or musical themes are assigned to individual characters or events. It's almost impossible to watch a popular film made after 1930 and not hear this creativity being used.

Take a quick listen to a few delightful anecdotes from Korngold's career to realize how the style of "Hollywood" music evolved to what we still recognize today:

This style is ubiquitous and foundational to film-making.

We're also relying on these wonderful techniques for our "A Gift For All Ages" film. Are you ready to hear a fun melody as our Character Clarke busts through the door or an elegant viola glissandi as his wife Catherine dances across the parlor room? How about some silly whimsy musical notes as their pet pup Teddy demands a mush of fish-heads?

Stay tuned to our progress here online, because we're currently trying to put all that into the edit. We're planning on sharing these developments as we do it, so sign up for our e-mail list and join our social media pages! v

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