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5 reasons to have a dog on a movie set

Being on a film set has a lot of moving parts. Especially when you have 5 days to shoot a short movie on a soundstage constructed at the Borrego Springs Resort and Spa. With a cast and crew of 12 people, we were lucky enough to have one of them walk on four legs. After wrapping we thought, "everyone should have a set dog, or a Teddy!"

Here’s why.

5. You will never eat alone.

Lunchtime on the set of A Gift For All Ages was always delicious, and Teddy was there to make sure everyone knew he was there to help them eat their mid-day meals provided by Carlee's, a Borrego Springs local favorite restaurant.

4. Increased opportunities for exercise in between takes

Squats throughout the day was the norm as cast/crew had to bend low in order to provide multiple belly rubs.

3. Sharing a dressing room is pawsome.

Dogs don’t mind sharing their space. The more the merrier.

2. Dogs make you so happy you'll want to sing out.

In addition to memorizing their lines, Joey Heyworth who plays Clarke, and Caitlin Duffy, our Catherine, composed a song just for Teddy. Listen to this lovely tune.

1. Dogs make us smile, and are good for your heart.

Scene after scene, and even during a take, Teddy strolled about nonchalantly, smiles ensued, just like in our upcoming Holiday film, A Gift For All Ages

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